Dual Amplifiers
Ampliers, Dual, Digital Low Prole Series,Digital Compact Series, Performance Series,Amps, New, Now available
Amplifiers, Dual, Digital Low Prole Series,
Digital Compact Series, Performance Series,
Amps, New, Now available”

Better Efficiency, More Power

The new Dual amplifiers are an absolute must if you would like to turn up the volume or add a sub to your system. These amps send your speakers the power they need to deliver your music with clarity and impact. Whether you're using factory speakers or high-performance components, these amps offer greater efficiency – giving you more Watts per dollar.
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Digital Low Profile Series
Digital low profile series, 4-channel digital, digital mono

Choose from these amps:

  • DA704L 4-Channel Digital, 400W Peak
  • DA301L Digital Mono, 700W Peak
Digital Compact Series
Digital compact series, 4-5 channel digital, digital mono, amplifiers

Choose from these amps:

  • DA560D 5-Channel Digital, 1200W Peak
  • DA604D 4-Channel Digital, 400W Peak
  • DA954D 4-Channel Digital, 600W Peak
  • DA501D Digital Mono, 1200W Peak
  • DA301L Digital Mono, 1750W Peak
Performance Series
Performance series, 2-4 channel digital, digital mono, amplifiers

Choose from these amps:

  • DA602 2-Channel, 380W Peak
  • DA304 4-Channel, 500W Peak
  • DA604 4-Channel, 650W Peak
  • DA904 4-Channel, 1100W Peak
  • DA4001 Mono, 3200W Peak
  • DA6001 Mono, 4200W Peak
  • DA8001 Mono, 5200W Peak
Ideal for Cars, UTVs, Motorcycles and Boats
Boat, ocean, music in the boat, Audio for cars, UTVs, motorcycle

Digital Low Profile Series

These minis pack a lot of power thanks to their super efficient design. The size and their very low power consumption make them ideal for UTVs, motorcycles and boats.
4-Channel and Mono amps available.

Digital Compact Series

Designed with custom installation in mind, these compact amps deliver incredible sound quality thanks to the Philips home audio circuitry and very low power consumption.
5-, 4-, 2-Channel and Mono amps available.
Sound quality boats, cars
Dual Amplifiers

Performance Series

Built to handle even the toughest competition, the amps feature massive power and clarity. Great for any application, including linking two amps to make one big one.
4-, 2-Channel and
Mono amps available.

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